Artist Statement

       My present fascination is with the forms created by trees.  When I travel, I explore the indigenous tree species that define an area.  And, likewise, I admire the constant wardrobe change of the native trees of Vermont.  Iím inspired by the human figures which appear in the body of trees.  The negative spaces created by the branches act to frame dynamic sky-scapes.  I see old women, figures dancing, hands reaching, and bark climbing.  Laying on the ground and gazing up at the canopy of the forest, I often find one tree stepping forward to become a central character of the woods.  My recent work is a tribute to the forest and itís main characters.  The subjects of my work come from places as far as Costa Rica and the Sierra Nevada.  Others come from places right outside my front door in Burlington.   The paintings are created with acrylic paints on often odd-sized canvas that emphasizes the perspective of looking upwards at the tree.